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Courses in Society and Genetics (2012 Winter)

Course Title
Landecker, Hannah
Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society
Martin, Seanna
Genetic Concepts for Human Sciences
Panofsky, Aaron
Problems of Identity at Biology/Society Interface
Greenfield, Debra Lauren
Biotechnologies, Law, and Body
Kelty, Christopher M.
Current Directions in Social and Historical Study of Science
Smith A, Lindsay
Selected Topics in Applied Anthropology: Global Health and Human Rights*
Smith, Jennifer
Special Courses in Society and Genetics: Evolutionary Biology and Social Cooperation
Ha, Nam
Special Courses in Society and Genetics: Gender, Sexuality, and Science
De Chadarevian, Soraya
Capstone Seminar: Society and Genetics
Smith A, Lindsay
Journal Club Seminars: Society and Genetics

* This title has been changed from the official version which can be found at the Registrar's site.


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