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Courses in Political Science (2012 Winter)

Course Title
Denardo, James D.
Introduction to Data Analysis
Esparza Walker, Brian Douglas
Introduction to Political Theory
POL SCI 19 (Registrar)
Cancelled Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Can't We Make Moral Judgments?
Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Hardball! How to Do Politics
Johns, Leslie
World Politics
O'neill, Barry
Politics and Strategy
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Barnhart, Joslyn N
War and Territory
Schwartz, Thomas
Economic Models of Public Choice
History of Political Thought: Ancient and Medieval Political Theory from Plato to Machiavelli
Wilkinson, David O.
Politics, Theory, and Film
Dienstag, Joshua
Continental Political Thought
Pagden, Anthony
Special Studies in Political Theory: Laws of War and Peace: International Political Theory from Westphalia to Iraq
POL SCI 119-2 (Registrar)
Cancelled Special Studies in Political Theory
Swango, Dane
World Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy after September 11
POL SCI 124C (Registrar)
Cancelled Politics of Latin American Economic Development
POL SCI M125B (Registrar)
Cancelled U.S. National Security Policy
Trager, Robert
Diplomacy and War
Binder, Leonard
International Relations of Middle East
Chung, Kuyoun
Foreign Policy Decision Making and Tools of Statecraft
POL SCI 137A (Registrar)
Cancelled International Relations Theory
Trachtenberg, Marc
International Politics, 1914 to the Present
Mahoney, Charles Wilson
Special Studies in International Relations: Terrorism and Insurgency
Gussin, Philip
Electoral Politics: Mass Media and Elections
Gussin, Philip
Electoral Politics: Mass Media and Elections
Lebow, Cynthia C
Public Law and Judicial Process: Constitutional Law -- Separation of Powers
Orren, Karen J.
Public Law and Judicial Process: Constitutional Law -- Rights of Accused
Desveaux, James Alexander
Organization Theory, Public Policy, and Administration: Bureaucracy and Public Management
Tong, James
Political Violence
Government and Politics of Post-Communist States: Russia
Petrovic, Bojan M.
Government and Politics in the Middle East
Government and Politics of China: China in Age of Reform
Thies, Michael F.
Government and Politics of Japan
Rogowski, Ronald L.
Comparative Political Analysis
Nabulsi, Kassem
Special Studies in Comparative Politics: Arab Minority in the Jewish State
Chwe, Michael
Applied Formal Models: Collective Action and Social Movements
Chwe, Michael
Strategy and Conflict
Special Topics in Methods and Models: Online Course Development Workshop
Tatum, Dale C
African American Freedom Narratives
Rocco, Raymond A.
Ethnic Politics: Chicano/Latino Politics
Advanced Honors Seminars: Advanced Honors Seminar for Political Science 179, Lecture 1
Tong, James
Advanced Honors Seminars: Advanced Honors Seminar for Political Science 150, Lecture 1
POL SCI 191A (Registrar)
Cancelled Variable Topics Research Seminars for Majors: Political Theory
Variable Topics Research Seminars for Majors: Politics: Voting Rights and Discourse in the U.S.
Desveaux, James Alexander
CAPPP Washington, DC, Research Seminars
Stapleton, Bradford Ian / Gurantz, Ron Moti
Community and Corporate Internships in Political Science
Bawn, Kathleen
Statistical Methods II
Lewis, Jeffrey B.
Quantitative Methods in Politics
Trager, Robert
Game Theory in Politics I
O'neill, Barry
Cancelled Game Theory in Politics III
Bentler, Peter M.
Multivariate Analysis with Latent Variables
Selected Texts in Political Theory
Pagden, Anthony
Selected Topics in Political Theory: Theories of Empire from Rome to Washington
Trachtenberg, Marc
International Relations Core Seminar II
Ross, Michael / Treisman, Daniel Simon / Thies, Michael F.
Seminar: Comparative Politics
Tong, James
Chinese and East Asian Politics
Ross, Michael
Comparative Politics Proseminar
Selected Topics in Comparative Politics: Political Discourse Analysis
Geddes, Barbara
Selected Topics in Comparative Politics: Workshop on Authoritarian Politics
Zaller, John R.
Seminar: Political Behavior: Party and Ideology
James, Scott Curtis
American Political Development


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