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Courses in Geography (2012 Winter)

Course Title
Biodiversity in a Changing World
Faier, Lieba
Cultural Geography
Illes, Lilia
People and the Earth's Ecosystems
Bell, Stephen
Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Land and Society in Latin America
Raphael, Marilyn N.
Trimble, Stanley W.
Soil and Water Conservation
Xue, Yongkang
Human Impact on Biophysical Environment: What Science Has Learned
Hecht, Susanna B.
Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
Cancelled Soils and Environment
Wilford, Justin
Cultural Geography of Modern World
Trimble, Stanley W.
Historical Geography of American Environment
Moore, Adam D
Political Geography
Goodwin-white, Jamie M
Ethnicity in the American City
Rigby, David L.
Economic Geography
Morris, Eric
Transportation Geography
GEOG 150 (Registrar)
Cancelled Urban Geography
Agnew, John A.
Cities of Europe
Xiao, Danqing / Lyons, Evan Albert
Illes, Lilia
Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
Satellite Remote Sensing and Imaging Geographic Information Systems
Sheng, Yongwei
Geographic Information Systems Programming and Development
GEOG 177 (Registrar)
Cancelled Field Methods in Physical Geography
Research Group Seminars: Controversies in Earth System Science
Macdonald, Glen M.
Advanced Biogeography: Plants
GEOG 223 (Registrar)
Cancelled Seminar: Humid Tropics
Faier, Lieba
Seminar: Cultural Geography
Scott, Allen J.
Seminar: Economic Geography
Davis, Lisa Kim
Urban Systems
Bell, Stephen
South America
Advanced Regional Geography: Selected Regions
Research Group Seminars: Controversies in Earth System Science
Agnew, John A.
Political Geography Working Group
GEOG 297A (Registrar)
Raphael, Marilyn N.
History and Structure of Modern Geography
Curry, Michael R.
Teaching College Geography


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